Excellent standards of daily care and education

Home from home setting

Secure, stimulating and happy environment

Pick ups/drop offs to Summerswood School

Emergency childcare can be provided

Can provide nutritious meals if necessary

Ofsted registered

Member of PACEY

Tel: 0208 9536390

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5 Tennison Avenue




Tel: 0208 9536390


or r.steel123@sky.com


As a parent, there are various childcare options available to you. Here your child will be able to make friends whilst learning through play and being in a warm homely environment.
The children's daily routines from home are continued throughout their time here. Familiar routines and boundaries will help each child to feel comfortable and settled within their environment.

Your child will develop their self-esteem, confidence, independence and interest in learning. In between meal times there are fun opportunities for the children to participate in outdoor play, bikes, sandpit, painting, water-play, messy play, books, puzzles, walks or trips within our community.
These activities are all intended to increase our children's social, exploratory, physical and intellectual development. It is also important for young children to begin to develop the skills necessary for appropriate turn-taking, sharing and offering of toys and play-space.
You may also like to share a diary for your child, to record any useful information.


After a busy day at school, it is important for any child to be in a setting where he or she can relax and feel at home.
I offer a flexible range of activities. I plan and prepare art & craft ideas every day, which are suitable for various age groups.
Outside the children are able to explore the garden and large patio area.
I provide a wholesome nutritious meal when required to do so and then encourage children to rest or read their homework books.
Should you require childcare during the school holidays then this can be arranged in advance.
OVER 8's. Children over the age of 8 are welcome and receive the same level of care and supervision. Appropriate activities are available which acknowledge their need for independence and socialisation.


To ensure continuity of care, I am also open throughout the school holidays. This is a time for relaxing and having fun so your child will be able to choose from a range of activities on offer.
Days can be booked on a flexible basis (as and when required) or in advance if you need to know their place is secure.
If you feel your child would enjoy group activities but finds the larger type of holiday camps too daunting then they will certainly feel more at home here.
There are planned Art & Craft activities, such as those on offer at my after school sessions, and we also create themed projects to add extra interest.
We have lots of fun in the garden with ball games, hand/foot painting, sand pit and play area etc.
To help your child to feel "part of the family", we also have picnics and special days out to places of interest.


If you require help with taking your child to or from school then I offer a school run only service for Summerswood Junior School, Furzhill Road.
You are welcome to drop your child off any time between 8.00am - 8.15am.


If you require childcare at irregular intervals or at short-notice then you can make a booking as-and-when you require.
A flexible arrangement enables you to telephone or e-mail right up to the night or morning before you actually need care.
Alternatively, if you work irregular shift patterns, then you can roster child-care in advance.
Whatever time of day your child is here they are always made to feel at home and enjoy being included with everyone and everything that is going on.


I now offer a new type of service in the form of 3 daytime sessions.  These are intended for the busy parent and are not necessarily part of the usual childminding service.

In Borehamwood we do not have places where you can drop your kids off for a couple of hours to go shopping or have time to yourself. So instead, why not give me a call!

Monday 7am to 7pm
Tuesday 7am to 7pm
Wednesday 7am to 630pm
Thursday 7am to 8pm
Friday 7am to 630pm

This will include crisps, drink and biscuits. The appropriate times and days will be discussed with the parent.